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Off to the races ...

We had only just unpacked from our European trip, and beginning to settle back into the daily routines of our business life when we took off for a weekend racing. Car racing, that is, up in the Mojave Desert just north of Simi Valley. Carved into the gentle rise to the west of the township of Rosamond, lies the Willow Springs International Motorsports Park. And after watching others race at other tracks, we decided to try it for ourselves. Well, truly racing? Not exactly, but … How it all started. Earlier this year we had friends over for dinner at our house in Boulder. As we were finishing the meal, talk turned to lifestyle issues. What did we like to do to relax? What were our interests outside of work? And it was during this conversation our friend told us he raced, campaigning a race car in California. He gave us the web site of a club he considered provided one of the best introductions to racing and encouraged us to take a look and to consider joining. After all, you can’