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A tale of two reds …

When this title first came to me I immediately thought my readers would associate this headline with red wine, and while I am not averse to sampling a good red at any time, but given the season, it’s really a time when a man’s fancy turns to thoughts about the track. After suffering through innumerable snow storms and looing heavenwards for any signs that warm weather was imminent, pulling the car from the garage for the first time and prepping it for the track proved every bit as satisfying as tasting a better red wine! Much has already been covered in previous postings of how, after many discussions, Margo and I elected to retire the big blue supercharged C6 Corvette in favor of our little red C5 Z06 ‘Vette. Having it assume the mantle of the garage queen this past decade did sit well with this car, I have to believe, so prepping it over the past couple of weeks provided a lot of fun. Out with the old clutch, transmission and differential fluids – still in original condition