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It’s a Vette of another vintage …

What constitutes a sports car? What do we really mean when we say we like to drive sports cars? And does the definition evolve as we move from one country to another? As a small child I would watch a Jaguar roadster drive by and immediately recognize it as a sports car, just as I would attach a similar label to a variety of Triumphs and MGs that appeared on our Australian roads. But as I look at the cars around me I see the word “sports” appended to just about anything – from sports sedans to sports utilities. This week our 2003 C5 Z06, “Fiftieth Anniversary” Torch Red Corvette, heads back to the shop for the first time this year. After a prolonged hiatus, there are just enough breaks in the weather to take the car out of the garage and cover the four or five miles to Curt’s Corvette Spa in Longmont, Colorado. The first phase in the preparation of the C5 Z06 will be all safety oriented – tow hooks added front and back, and a fire extinguisher mounted on the floor, just ahead of t