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Ninth post to NASA Speed News; looking to go fast!

Indy cars driver, Colton Herta, is very much in the news of late and I have covered him in numerous posts to this blog but it’s a pure coincidence that he just happened to be referenced in this penultimate post to the National Auto Sports Association (NASA) publication, Speed News. However, there is a lot more to cover this time then just references to Colton. In particular, rereading this post I was reminded of a recent email from my good friend and colleague, Robert Rosen. “Think about where and how to go off the track if necessary,” Robert wrote. Particularly if you show up for your first track experience in a bright red powerful car! And this is very good point to make to every reader who is being encouraged to take their car to the track. As you get into the post below you will read of how, our SoCal NASA region’s chief instructor, told this one particular group of first-timers, “Yes, you will drop two wheels on occasion and perhaps even have all four wheels off the track, but u

Showtime: Grandparents, grandkids and grand times!

  For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven. In these volatile times as economies begin to grapple with some semblance of normalcy it takes very little to move the stock indices either up or down. For those with a penchant for investing, it’s not about timing but rather, investing in stocks about which you know something. I was reminded of this when I read on the CNBC news channel, “Don’t just do something, stand there!” While whoever made this comment – some say it was President Eisenhower, while others recall it predates him - the point is well made. Having written this it is also worth remembering that it’s not just stocks that change but the seasons and here in Colorado, there are many reminders with each turn of a calendar’s page. For Margo and me it has been about adjusting to life at home. We have now recovered in full from the terrible car crash we had a few months ago, with bruising and lacerations no longer visible. However, there is just a