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Just got in to the Windy City …

Sitting on a rickety chair inside a shack that could just as easily be described as a man-cave, dotted as it was with pictures of mechanical paraphernalia typical of an old-school auto repair shop, I was trying to stay warm as I inched the chair closer to the wood-burning pot-belly stove that occupied pride-of-place in the center of the room. Looking out through the large windows, I could see the pavement of a race track, scaled-down from what I was used to driving, although it was easy to pick out the course elevation changes and tightly grouped turns – this was a circuit designed for Karts and we were a long way from our home in Boulder, Colorado. While the calendar told us it was Sunday, and it was April with spring only two weeks away, outside it had begun to snow; again! It’s now a little warmer and three weeks have passed since that Sunday morning, just outside of Laramie, Wyoming, and we have just arrived at our hotel in Chicago. We have just checked in to the Westin hot