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Smile everyone! And yes, it’s good to have a hobby …

There are few words in our household that generate more negative press then when I suggest I have a hobby! That’s right, should I even suggest pursuing something that I could call a hobby, then it’s lights out. The problem isn’t so much the particular interest or pursuit so much as it’s the costs involved. My passion for taking cars to the track, for instance, has evolved to the point where to even my misguided sense of right or wrong, something has to give, so yes, this year, there will not be as many events on the track calendar as in previous years. Imagine then my surprise when I begin flipping the pages of one of my favorite motoring magazines – Vette. In the editorial of the July 2014 issue Steven Rupp introduces himself firstly as “not new to the automotive hobby” and then compounds his obvious mistake when he adds, “Which brings me to my philosophy on our hobby (or lifestyle if you want to use the hipper terminology): it’s about having fun and driving.” Lifestyle, eh? Hi