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Fifth post to NASA Speed News; the friendships that develop!

When Margo and I decided that it might be fun to take our Corvette to the track and to try our hand at laying down laps on road courses in California and Colorado, we elected to do so as a team. If it was to be my hobby then it was to be something we shared. Perhaps hobby is not the right word as all too quickly it began consuming our weekends to where time away from track was time wasted. However, electing to pursue a shared program meant that it would take us twice as long to develop the necessary skills to be truly comfortable on track. It also meant that on more than one occasion, my turn on track (usually the Saturday) meant that when it came time for Margo to go on track, our beloved Corvette was pretty beat up. Imagine the reaction from Margo when she leaped from the car and chased me around the pit area letting me know in no uncertain terms that I had given her a car with no brakes. Not at your average track mind you, but at Laguna Seca where brakes stopped working as she a

Twelve months in Colorado: Let’s hear it for the green and gold!

  Expanding on the November 12, 2020, post, June to November; Colorful Colorado shines, I have elected to showcase the city of Windsor across a twelve month span. Not the city per se, but the view from our main floor deck. Not from exactly the same spot either, but close enough to give you the idea. I am going to document changes in the reverse order, starting with May 2021 and wrapping up with June 2020. You will also see that there are not twelve photos but fourteen as on two occasions the change across 24 hours was dramatic and worth a second look. But first, what does it look like outside our home right now? Take a look at the photo above and then again, at the very end of this post. As Margo was editing this post she observed that never ever would she expect me to write a blog on watching the grass grow, but here I am! May 10, 2021 morning and then afternoon of same day ... Spring may begin in late March at least according to the calendar, but in northern Colorado it does take