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Ho! Ho! Ho! Lots of Christmas cheer!

It wasn’t so much that the year wound up being a typical night in for us, but after spending time babysitting our daughter’s family Margo returned home exhausted so it was more the case of sipping a dessert martini than popping the cork from a bottle of champagne. And yet, to say it wasn’t a cheerful time for either of us would be missing the point entirely – how can you be anything other than happy with a couple of grandkids bouncing in your lap. If nothing else had happened during the year we would be every bit as thankful for the twins having survived the way they have to this point!  Exercising at the fitness center gives me time to scan the many TV screens which are nearly always tuned to news services. Today, when the weather maps were displayed with forecasts being given for different cities, all I could think of was time not being spent on the road! Yes, temperatures at this time of year plummet well below freezing, but for Coloradans this is to be expected and few will