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Fourth post to NASA Speed News; that joy that comes from making new friends!

  Last month I wrote about inspiration and where I drew inspiration from as I posted to the National Auto Sports Association (NASA) digital publication, NASA Speed News. However, when it came time to write this post my inspiration came from none other than that Indy and F1 legend himself, Mario Andretti. Yes, I can honestly say that I enjoyed doing a couple of laps in an Indy car set up as a two-seater, where the racer who piloted me around the track was Mario. The post itself was much more than just a glowing testament to how well Mario can drive in spite of his age and to how it must have been to be alongside him in any race car when Mario was in his prime. What this post was all about was friendships and in particular, the friendships that develop from a shared interest in motorsports. Our accidental encounter with the Kenny family proved telling even as what makes this post particularly special is that this friendship that developed entirely by chance all those years ago continue

A time to weep and a time to laugh; Colorado experienced it all!

  It really struck me hard. Margo visited her Boulder hairdresser the other week and as I usually do, I took up station at a coffee shop across an ally from her stylist. However, as I looked across Broadway, the main street that crosses the Pearl Street Mall, I noticed numerous folks stopping at a shop to drop off flowers. Turns out this was the premises of Tralona Bartkowiak (better known as Lonna), who together with her sister, owned Umba on the Pearl Street Mall. It was Lonna who was among the victims of the senseless shooting at the nearby Kings Soopers grocery store. It struck me that only the day before, having been to the Flatirons Crossing Mall, I considered driving by for a Starbucks at this very King Soopers, but then I changed my mind and went to Boulder’s famous Moe’s Bagels instead. Different times and different days; all the same, a wake-up call that life can be fleeting at times. So sad. “ It's already written that today will be one to remember ,” wrote Steve Winwo