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With Spring come flowers and a time to drive …

The local Colorado weatherman glowingly reported on how “with April showers, May flowers”. However, what he didn’t count on was just how many showers we would experience – rainfall records all across the state were smashed this May as the rain just kept on falling. In my last post I wrote how April is typically the snowiest month of the year, even as May can prove to be the wettest, but little did I know just how wet. With May almost over, we were informed that there had only been two full days of sunshine, but for the life of me I couldn’t recall those two days. Fortunately we were able to open the pool and as the picture above so accurately captures, yes the clouds are still with us and it rained a short time later. The good news, particularly if you should live in California, we didn’t have to top up the pool with water prior to the opening – there was more than enough water in the pool for our pool man to complete the opening. Relief from the snow was definitely a blessing