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Down to the serious side of moving – yet distractions continue!

With spring in full bloom and the weather just perfect, we are welcoming the change of season with open arms. In past years we have spent much of this time of the year on the road but not so this year and we were rewarded handsomely with the gradual whitening of the driveways, courtesy of the many snowberry trees that are no longer ours. Typically, March and April are the snowiest months of the year for all those residing along Colorado’s front ranges, but not so this year. After a teaser of a snowstorm a few weeks ago it’s as if Mother Nature threw aside her white mantle and exchanged it for more colorful attire. We took full advantage of the warmer weather spending a lot more time out of doors. With our new home under construction and many decisions to do with structures and fittings already settled upon, it was time to spend late afternoons walking the corridors of the many malls we know. Inspiration? Ideas as to how to best accessorize the home?  A new sideboard here and a ne