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Three weeks to remember ...

It was a welcome change of pace to find ourselves back at High Plains Raceway (HPR). After our last outing we had the brake and power steering fluids replaced and upgraded to fluids more suited to track outings, and I was very interested to see if we had rectified the suspicious brake “pedal to the firewall”, a momentary heart-stopping syndrome Margo and I both experienced the last time we were at the track. More importantly, we wanted to see whether the fun we both had behind the wheel of our older Corvette, series 5, or C5, Z06 would continue, or was just a one-off following so many frustrating weekends behind the wheel of our newer, Corvette series 6, or C6, supercharged coupe. The picture at the top of this post is of “the rig” we drive to track events now. Whether it’s just a day’s outing or a weekend affair involving several days of driving just to get to the track, we are now totally sold on the value of bringing home with us. There’s still some teething troubles and a few