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In the heat of summer ...

The week before heading out to southern California had been spent in Nashville, Tennessee, where afternoon thunderstorms had provided the only relief from days that had temperatures climb well into the 90s. Fortunately, for most of the week, business had kept us indoors, but even on those occasions when dinner plans had necessitated a trip outside, the humidity was just as oppressive as the heat. However, driving over the continental divide, with 60 feet of rig, provided a weather experience from out of the other end of the weather spectrum. Snow! The picture above was taken by Margo as I drove cautiously down from Vail summit into the township. Snow continued to fall, and while there was no snow on the road, several times I felt the full rig wriggle just a bit – clearly, not the best of conditions. From the humidity and heat to the snow of the mountains, and that was just the beginning. The following morning, as we pulled out of our overnight truck campsite, a gale hit us fair o