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So, I am shallow …

I have to believe I am a shallow person; truth be told, I have all the necessary characteristics to satisfy this categorization. Possibly, superficial as well as I have been told on more than one occasion. Moreover, these are not bad traits to discover you have. Well not necessarily, as I just found, given that one of Television’s most beloved actors, Hugh Laurie (of the series House), also admitted to exhibiting the same characteristics. Being shallow, it turns out, helps you to handle change a lot more easily. In an interview of May 3, 2013, published in the UK newspaper, The Telegraph, Laurie admitted to the reporter: “ 'The strange thing – and this is one of the advantages of being incredibly shallow and superficial – is that wherever I am, that’s sort of home. I get back to Heathrow and within 10 minutes of going along the M4 I feel like I’ve never left England. I get here and within 10 minutes of going along La Cienega, I feel like I’ve never been away. But that, as I