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Play the blues, the Delta blues …

In the howling wind comes a stinging rain … Welcome to the next chapter in our joint experience of life as the future indeed continues to unfold in spectacular fashion. We have made it to Paris, Las Vegas, where we were fortunate to catch up with good friends, Brian and Jan Kenny. There was much to discuss and it was a time spent frivolously as well as in deep thought. If you recall the previous post you will be reminded that our trip to Paris was about to start and as we packed for the journey, the skies cleared considerably and for the week we were on the road there was no precipitation falling down on us – yes, clear skies are often their own reward as it put us in the mood to enjoy a much-needed weekend of rest. Whether it is out of superstition or just being over cautious, no matter what the weather forecaster may predict, at this time of the year our go-to vehicle is the all-wheel drive Jeep SRT 8. Into this vehicle we cram a winter survival pack that includes shove