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Track talk – yes, I am seeing red!

The calendar may say it’s springtime in the Rockies but we know better. Anyone who is a regular reader of posts to this blog may recall the post of May 30, 2013 So, I am shallow … when, all ready and prepared to depart Niwot, Colorado, for a weekend of track sessions at Willow Springs International Raceway – yes, the fastest track in the west – we awoke to an RV, trailer and little red Corvette buried under 8” of snow. This time, it’s the last days of April and it’s nowhere near 8” of snow and yet, somehow, it’s enough, already! Bring back the sunshine. On the other hand it was only two weeks ago when a snow storm descended on us with little warning and while the early forecast were calling for just a few inches, the weather system proved to be stubborn and didn’t move out for a day. The 24 hour totals were surprising as shown below with the city next to us, Golden, scoring an amazing total and this is where, in summer, we used to ride the motorcycles for a coffee at the local G