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Impatient? Yes, how about you?

A view to sunny days ahead Back in August of last year we were involved in a multicar traffic accident. It happened in a work zone where the highway lanes were tight and bounded by concrete safety walls. Unfortunately, when the traffic had cause to slow down, so much so that we had come to a stop, a pickup truck, towing a caravan, then careened into us at 70 mph.  Our Range Rover did its job but sacrificed itself in the process. Giving of itself to save us - Li'l Pumpkin Hand over a check, sign some papers and then, don’t call us, we will call you to let you know when to expect delivery. As for bargaining then no chance; indeed you are lucky to close a deal on a new car without being pressured to pay a market adjustment fee.  Last time I checked, this is America after all. The land of instant gratification! Of being able to walk onto any car dealership’s lot to simply wander along the aisles of parked cars to determine what color you liked best. After which the bargaining process