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Colorful Colorado

  When you drive into Utah from Colorado you can’t miss the billboard that marks the transition, declaring ever-so-subtly that you are “Leaving Colorful Colorado”. However, on our most recent trip west our destination was Zion National Park, en route to Las Vegas, where we were catching up with Brian and Jan Kenny. For all the years I have been in business Brian has been my mentor, helping me to better understand the finer points of running a business. And did I mention that Brian also drove a red Corvette, likes apple martini’s, and was just as fond as I am of succulent bone-in rib eye steaks, slow cooked country style boneless pork ribs, and together with his wife Jan, finds the time to join us at road courses around the western states of America! The month of October proved to be heavily skewed to travel and it was again the routines associated with travel – the desperate last-minute packing, the stress over plane schedules and the adjustments that had to be made to the loss