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It’s a Friday kind of Monday …

 August nights may indeed be hot, but as I observed when closing the previous post, fall is on its way and with the arrival of September we certainly have enjoyed more variety in temperate conditions. And yes, last week, it rained, and heavily at times, but above 10,000 feet there was just a dusting of snow that still could be seen through the weekend. However, we still had one more outing in August and this time, it would be the last Monday of the month – a first for us, as we had never before ventured to the track on days other than Friday, Saturday and occasionally, Sunday. And the picture above is of us at High Plains Raceway (HPR) getting ready to head onto the circuit even as the heat began to make its presence felt. Margo is working very hard on an event she manages for a non-profit association. As the Chief Meetings Officer (within associations, they avoid the title Chief Events Officer for very obvious reasons – the CEO role being otherwise filled), Margo is responsi