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Two golds and a red!

It is not every day that you get an invite via email to lay down laps, as a passenger, in a very serious Ferrari. “I've wangled two rides in a race (Ferrari) F430 on Wednesday with a quick driver!” was the first email from an old high school mate, David Roberts. “Nathan Antunes will be the driver. He is an ex Red Bull ‘Young Gun’ who raced in F3, Formula Renault and Formula BMW, in Europe. Fantastic young man and a great steerer!” The circumstances that led to this were not ideal, but the sight of this email more than compensated for what was happening around us. It was early October and we were in Sydney on a business trip to spend time with the company we are deeply involved with, Infrasoft. As it so happened, on this trip we were joined by Brian and Jan Kenny, business associates from Southern California, who have become good friends and who have now been featured in many of these posts, simply because they share the same passion we have for cars and for time on tracks. I