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Check engine? Check life!

The month of February proved even more depressing than January for anyone who enjoys the sun as much as I do. Who would give up living in Sydney, Australia, for this kind of weather – something former colleagues now living in Sydney remind me, frequently. Oh well, when summer rolls around I will likely have forgotten just how cold Colorado can become. Colorful Colorado? More like Chilly Colorado! The picture above I used recently in a post to Facebook – but it’s worth duplicating here. I’m not a reliable fan of Facebook and don’t turn to the site as often as I should, even as I see email notifications in my inbox encouraging me to take time to check what others have said. As a full-time writer, being paid for my opinions and commentaries, I feel it’s almost a betrayal of my clients’ trust to simply put down my thoughts in a medium such as Facebook, and do so for free! However, it was quite a different experience earlier in the month. As mentioned in my previous post, Margo