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No risk! No win! With many other chances taken!

This wasn't part of the plan; overnight snow fall in Cedar City, Utah It was late afternoon following our ten day mixed business and leisure trip to Long Beach, California. Having left California Monday morning and trekking the 500 miles to Cedar City, Utah, it was now the last dash of 650 miles to Windsor, Colorado, that we hoped to manage covering in about ten hours. Home, sweet home! Or at least that was the plan. With spring time in the Rockies you can never count on favors from Mother Nature and as it so happened she began showing her indifference to our plans the moment dawn broke on our Cedar City hotel. Under all that snow? Our Infiniti X35 all-wheel drive cross-over! The plan was for Margo to drive the first leg; this would be a 150 mile stint which normally she would cover in about two hours. However, looking out at the parking lot the cars were all covered in snow. Winter apparently hadn’t received the memo. Margo did her stint, gave the car over to me and then took he

Let the sunshine in; nothing but blue skies do I see.

For now we are enjoying the brown – bring on the green. It took almost no time at all before the ponds and lakes that surround our Windsor, Colorado, home melted away revealing splashes of blue in an otherwise still brown surroundings. The green of spring may be still a few weeks away but already it is beginning to look like it’s tantalizingly close to happening. There have been numerous snow-days, but by all accounts from those who regularly ski these mountains, it hasn’t been one of those massively over-the-top snowy seasons. Having written this, there is no doubt that sunny skies are back in vogue along Colorado Rockies’ front ranges. And about time, too! I fancy, it is springtime in the Rockies The flowers with their colors are aflame And though I long to be back in the Rockies I'll wait until the springtime comes again We are entering that April – May period when snowfalls in the past have come in late and heavy. Margo thinks that she saw just the tiniest glimpse o