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Fall colors? Look no further than your own backyard!

  Last month we mixed business with leisure in yet another of our “bleisure” outings. Sometimes called “bizcations”, but either way it has become our regular practice as we squeeze in downtime in between meetings.   No surprises here, but as we continue to build our client base, as sole proprietors, there is no official downtime for the team at Pyalla Technologies, LLC. Then again, the flexibility this affords us with all the plans we make, we wouldn’t have it any other way. You may recall in last month’s post that the focus of our downtime was the fall colors of north eastern America. Starting in Canada and then tracking down the coast all the way to Florida was considered the best way to see the deep reds of maples contrasted with greens and golds of adjacent forests. However, it was hard to become excited by the vista as a wet summer delayed the onset of fall. Only patches of red were on display and for the most part, they were anything but spectacular. On our return to Colorado i

All at sea! BizCation time …

  There has been so much written about the fallout from the global pandemic becoming a time to rethink work – life balance. A time to think whether the drudgery of the daily routine was really worth it! One hour commutes? Unhealthy meals and rushed coffee breaks. Meetings, Bl**dy Meetings! Once the taste of working from the confines of our homes was how we saw our working future took hold, perhaps there was a different path to go down; one that catered more to real productivity gains. For Margo and me, 2009 was the turning point. Together we made the decision that I was not going to return to corporate life. Instead I was going to do something for myself. Having participated in four startups only to see the time spent working with the corporations that acquired each startup proving less than challenging perhaps even boring, why not launch our own start up. Yes, wherever I could set up shop was where I was going to work and as we head into our fourteenth year, Margo and I have pract

An anniversary that has come around all too quickly

I still have to pinch myself that my working life is far from over. The time that I descend to my office and sit in front of a blank screen contemplating what I need to write next is always a source of concern. However, whatever the topic I still find ways to write something sufficiently fresh, enough that my clients welcome the story telling that comes with each finished article or blog post. In so doing, I have been able to attract an eclectic group of clients that then gives me the opportunity to push boundaries just a little. For now, however, what is occupying my thoughts has to do with coming to terms that I have based Margo and mine business mostly on storytelling and have been doing so for quite some time. Yes, I also help my clients create a strategy (and tactics) as needed, when asked we create data sheets and even modernize websites, but at the heart of our business is storytelling as we come up with creative ways to promote our clients business. As September comes to an

Dreamin’ ‘bout the West Coast

I've been dreamin' 'bout the West Coast (I've been dreamin') Found some faces that I don't know (I've been dreamin' about it) I'm seein' signs for California Trade the shade for somethin' warmer Business necessitated a trip to Northern California. We would be visiting areas surrounding San Francisco and it would be in two parts. Following one weekend where we would be on the peninsula proper a week or so later, we would be in the city. What to do? Two trips? Or were there other options to consider? In the days preceding our trip the words of this popular song keep playing in my mind. It was stark reminder that it has been two plus years since we last stepped foot in San Francisco, but then we had been dreaming of this trip for some time. All that time ago it was to spend time with our dear friends, Dieter and Chris Monch. You can check out the post that followed that short BizCation with this hyperlink, Going coastal – I hear the call of

It’s been a summer of housekeeping, habits and hobbies.

The late blooming of roses lining the perimeter fence reminds us both that summertime is well and truly upon us. Spring may have seen an explosion of color but around our home here in Windsor, Colorado, there is always something throwing off a splash of color. We continue to be surprised at just how well those little plants, bushes and trees have done in the few years we have lived here, but then again, it has been a summer to remember. Good spring rainfall has seen light afternoons rain showers continue deep into summer. Light afternoon rain showers? Well, there has been a lot of atmospheric activity and would be more accurate to say that the evening thunderstorms, typical at this time of year for the Rockies' front ranges, have produced a little more rain than normal such that barely a day has passed without a clap of thunder or two waking us from our early evening downtime. The end result though has been a level of greenery unseen for many years. For those readers who may not