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Let it snow! Let it snow! Yes, we’re dreaming of a white Christmas!

The last days of fall are still with us and the long shadows that are being cast over the golf course behind our home are a reminder that the dark days of winter are not that far away. Ominous clouds seem to be ever present but the vista from our deck continues to remind us why we moved to Windsor, Colorado – it’s simply a quiet retreat where everyone knows their neighbors. The sense of village and community is unmistakable and as good natured as we are about it, there are still times when we miss our old haunts. Fine dining in Windsor? There are BBQ joints and fast-food outlets, but little to compare with what we enjoyed in Boulder County. Then again, this is truly the season to entertain and to enjoy meals served at home and the deck-side grill has seen a lot of overtime. If you had told me that you could turn to a simple Coleman propane gas grill – yes, the same one we take with us on our RV excursions – and turn out really good food then I would have thought you were exagger