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Rain dancing ...

We are home in Boulder. We have one furnace not working and all the while, the snow keeps coming down. I have lit the gas fires but the air has a distinct chill to it – this time, I can’t wait to get back to California. I have pulled out the maps to look at routes and I25 north to I80 “across the top” seems to be about the only option, and we will leave Sunday before lunch with hopes of making it back to the West Coast by Tuesday. The picture above is looking out our back door, past our BBQ and into a small grove of Aspens, and it’s a picture I shot with little enthusiasm to walk any further from the warmth of the house. Viewing weather maps, and looking up small townships to check the local conditions, have become part of our routine these past few months. As the time for our first outing with National Auto Sport Association (NASA) program, High Performance Driver Education (HPDE), approached there was no question about it. I was getting concerned. We had paid our registratio