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In this race, family took first place

Finally, the weather has turned, and it’s a return to backyard BBQs – two to date with more planned. The grass has greened a lot, but we are still waiting for the trees to blossom. Alas, with the heavy spring snowfalls of the past three weeks, the buds looked burnt, so I am not sure what we will see. Perhaps nothing at all! Ouch -- and we look forward every year to the snowberries that look so cool even as they festoon our driveway with the remains of their small white flowers. We were making plans for   our 2013 track events well in advance – the idea was to mark our calendars and plan other activities around them, so that when we get the chance to drive fast and meet with our friends and business colleagues, we can do so without affecting other plans and obligations. It worked well in the past few years,   and   we were able to carve out time to play. Not so much this year … …. In the fall of 2012, our daughter invited us to lunch. This is not something we had experienced be

Beatings will continue …

It was a little over a week ago that I truly believed spring had arrived. Out of the garage came the roadster, with its ragtop folder out of sight, and the motorcycle. Under a bright blue sky we found time to take a drive through the mountains followed by a quick trip along familiar back-roads on the bike. The smells, the temperature, familiar noises of spring – yes, spring had finally arrived. The picture above was snapped just after I returned on the bike, and it’s clear to me that I need to wash and polish both, the car and the bike. Missing from the picture is Margo’s bike, which I also rode and now it too has to be cleaned, but it’s not altogether clear to me that there’s any further interest by Margo in adventures on her bike. After a nasty spill the year before, that took an inordinate amount of time to heal, she isn’t all that keen to step back on the bike, despite the wonderful set of leathers she has. Something about it being not the grandmotherly thing to do – althou

You have been passed by Grandma

We were all ready to take the car to the track; our first outing in 2013, car all prepped, the Pyalla Command Center (our motor home) all filled with food and drinks, but then I found out that my son-in-law had a commitment and would not be home Saturday night. The important part was that my Granddaughter, Ella, is about to arrive – there are still three weeks left to the doctor’s estimated due date, but baby is growing fast and by my own estimate could decide to arrive at any moment. I find it very strange that not only do we know that it is a girl, we know her name, and we know what she looks like! Same time of year, some years ago, I was waiting for my child to arrive – she did, April 27, and only then did I find out she’s a girl! Technology has advanced … so, here is Ella, captured just a few months ago: Yes, I have always been an overprotective mother, so why should I change now? It wasn’t even a choice; of course I stayed to keep an eye on my very pregnant daughter an