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The track beckons!

Well it’s spring but it feels more like summer. Temperatures have climbed rapidly and the coming week it is expected to be mostly high 70s. Perhaps even low 80s, and definitely looking like it’s time to head to the beach, or, at the very least, to unplug the cars from their battery tenders and to once again fire them up in earnest. Tires may actually be able to grip the road and brakes may actually work! It’s been several months since Margo and I have been on a serious fun-drive in the mountains and as I write this post, Margo is already out and about in the C6 ‘Vette. The photo at the top of the page is of the C5 Z06 Corvette freshly washed and waxed alongside the new trailer and with the appearance that it is just ready to go! Again, the lines from that Beach Boy’s song come to mind once again. Yes, while we are once again enjoying the C6 as a daily drive, Margo and I can barely wait to see how the C5 performs and with the early onset of spring, it’s only a matter of weeks befo