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June to November; Colorful Colorado shines

  While it might be traditional in some countries to track events from May through to September, put it down to a later start or to simply thinking about it during June. No matter what turned out to be the catalyst, on the tenth of each month as summer approached on through to late fall, I was able to take these photos of how the seasons affected us. Without any preplanning involved I took each photo on the tenth of each month and the overall impact of seeing the transition one photograph to the other not only reinforced the passage of time but unfortunately marked our steady trek, one more time, around the sun.   Maybe it’s being out on the deck grilling something tasty, but it struck me that I really hadn’t ever tried to capture the light and shade that came with each ever so subtle change in the weather. I hadn’t even really thought about this being something worth writing about. And yet, after six months and with the onset of the traditional holiday season, it is a way to highlig

Being socially responsible in unconventional times

I was reading a magazine where the columnist remarked on how his car had stayed on the driveway for several months. Part of being socially responsible, he admitted. In these times, irrespective of your political leanings, it still does come down to how we view social responsibility and it does take many forms. All of which is to say, practices now embraced will be with us for many more years and we all have to be more than a little aware of both our surroundings and those with whom we socialize. A few times now, the west end of our street has been holding driveway gatherings. Throughout late summer there were occasions when we carried folding beach chairs to each other’s driveways, practiced social distancing, did a few elbow bumps, and conversed. Those impromptu gatherings often ran into the evening and even as I now forget the topics of the day, the conversations were lively as I recall. As a socially responsible outlet for our small community, it certainly went a long way toward r