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One more sweep alongside California’s colorful shores!

There are trips we take where we just going through the routines and where the time away from home is dedicated to working with our clients. And then there are other trips where we continue to be very much business focused and yet the scenery we pass is inescapably beautiful. Margo and I spent many years living in California – both in the surrounds of Los Angeles and San Francisco – where the simple beauty of California’s coastline never failed to delight us. Of course, it helps when the weather lends a helping hand and for this trip, the ocean fog left us alone.  Coming from Australia naturally enough I discount the beauty California affords those who visit its shores as there really is nothing that comes close to the golden beaches of Sydney, but then again, I am sure there are those who will argue fervently that California has everyone beat. However, with summer coming to a close, this trip was as much about where we dined and what we dined on as it was about taking in the sig