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Quiet time in the garage …and not a movement on the road!

The festive season has just wrapped up. For Margo and me traditions need to be maintained. Good wine is shared and then even as it’s darkest January, Margo and I are fond of pulling out the maps and looking at roads less travelled and this time, given the general poor road conditions everywhere we look, a trip to southern California via Interstate 10 is really enticing. Simi Valley via Tuscan, Yuma and San Diego just has to be done. A very long time ago I drove my then-current 1976 BMW 530i down this route at pretty much this time of year and enjoyed the winter sunshine. I know I have a picture of that very BMW around here somewhere. It was my very first BMW and I really enjoyed driving it all those decades ago. After two GM Holden Toranas , one a 3.3 liter straight 6 GTR the other a screaming 5 liter V8 SLR5000, the step up to the BMW turned out to be an experience on a whole different level – I skipped the air conditioning in favor of a sunroof and checked the stick-shift, r