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On the road, again! Again?

There was no RV this time just as there was no racecar in tow. The sports cars and roadsters were all feeding from trickle chargers, more or less leaving the garage spaces a web of crisscrossed power chords. Snow had already fallen, more than once, in Boulder and with the onset of the holiday season, temperatures had fallen. As expected. Winter was an undeniable presence and somehow, even as we took the occasional side-glance at the winter landscape surrounding us, we were already getting a little stir-crazy. It was time, after all, to get back on the road again and as the picture above depicts, this is always an occasion to pull out the maps and shake a much needed martini. Business necessitated a weeklong trip to the Bay area and to Palo Alto. We had elected to spend the days following Christmas in Palm Desert, so all that was required of us was to head west, through Los Angeles, and then a run up through the San Joaquin valley, cutting across to Gilroy before pulling further