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Some like it hot …. Way, way, too hot!

If it is June then yes, it’s time to pack up our things and head to Vegas. If you check past posts for this time of year you will observe how we always make it out to the HPE big-tent marketing event held each year in Las Vegas and the nature of our business is such that attendance becomes mandatory. It’s always good for a fresh story line or two and this year didn’t disappoint. Anyone following my business blogs will be able to attest to that. But part of the fun about each trip to Las Vegas is the prep that is done beforehand.  There are procedures to be followed, of course, and routines to be completed. Whether it’s stocking up with enough water to sustain us, or simply checking our reservations at Mastro’s Ocean Club, Las Vegas, or just making sure there was air in the tires of the trailer, these routines help getting our heads around what was to come. The faithful big-rig is always a pleasure to drive and as the days and hours wind down to when it is time to pull away from o