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The things we read at Christmas ...

  There were several variations of this cartoon appearing on different social media channels. In this case, I came across it on LinkedIn and it caught my fancy all the same. I am in the middle of writing a sequence of posts on just how fragile the cloud computing and services offerings have become. So much so that their apparent unreliability begs the question – why would any Global 1000 enterprise even think of turning over the running of their business to such vendors? I think we can all empathize with Santa; finding a dragon would be much simpler. In the days leading up to Christmas there were numerous instances where the cloud failed and it’s become clear that for many the once-touted advantage of turning to the cloud is proving nothing more than a hollow boast. Why would you even trust them as a repository for your much loved photo albums let alone your bank accounts or your stock portfolio?  Suddenly that overstuffed mattress doesn’t sound all that bad, right? When it comes t

And so it happens, another year draws to a close …

There's a feeling I get when I look to the west And my spirit is crying for leaving… Perhaps it is not a typical opening to an end of year post but as I took this photo of the western sky with the setting sun putting Colorado’s Rockies in sharp relief I couldn’t help but think of those lines from perhaps Led Zeppelins’ most famous song, Stairway to Heaven. Then again many, many, years ago among the gifts left for me under the Christmas tree I could always count on there being a vinyl LP by that group. As I recall, the card was always signed by my daughter, Lisa. Then again, I could be mistaken but all the same, just looking to the west at this time of year as the lights began turning on, it was difficult separating true beauty from the lyrics of that long ago song. Margo and I have come through the year with much that could have put a damper on our spirits. Even now, Margo’s grandson Aiden is hospitalized in Minnesota undergoing what we hope will be a life altering surgery on hi