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Down to some serious business …

Following numerous references of late to smiles, it was all business this month. After an absence from the track of nearly six months, it was a case of picking up where we had left off last year. With the balmy days of late spring displacing the final throws of winter, it was good to be able to load up the company command center, hitch up the trailer, and load the track car. Once again, for 2014 track days, it would be the 2003 C5 Z06 Corvette providing all the excitement. The Vette was starting its third year as the go-to track car and it’s proving to be a very good choice. Of any Vette you could choose, this one is the easiest to drive, the simplest to maintain, and the least difficult to clean and prepare. During the winter months, the ten years plus battery elected to literally explode and being a complete novice when it comes to replacing batteries after such a terminal occurrence, when I first went to investigate the problem, I swept aside all the water with my bare hands.