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Sixth post to NASA Speed News; seeing is believing!

  When I began developing short post for HPDE drivers that would appear in issues of the National Auto Sports Association (NASA) magazine, Speed News, I was under no illusion about my own skills. As someone entering the sport much later in life than most other participants, there was no easy way for me to play catch up. The focus had to remain on the basics as over time so many bad habits made themselves apparent each time I entered the track. Not to worry, I always said, I will figure it out. However, before any confidence could develop the most basic question had to be addressed. Could you see out of your car so that you knew exactly where you were headed? Physics play a big role in getting any car to perform on track. To this end nothing maters quite as much as getting the center of gravity as low as possible; being top heavy is no way to approach any corner. On the other hand, sitting so low that you cannot see the front corners of your car isn’t going to add to your weekend’s en

Breaking life’s gifts down to fit a well-known expression.

What I look at day-in, day-out; memory from driving tail of the dragon It is time to pause for a moment and step back from my daily routine. For more than a decade I have been writing posts, articles and commentaries for some really good clients. As I prepare to write I am always looking out for something to anchor a story line as it is important to grab a reader’s attention quickly. This time, the impetus for this story line came from an unexpected source and it was a reminder of just how readily life’s little adventures can be broken down to fit into a finite set of categories. Call it the unfair advantage if you like as having an ear for something different and perhaps a little off-track has been a part of my daily routine for all of this past decade. Watching a popular television series, it was in preparation for a wedding where once again we were reminded of the old adage – something old, something new; something borrowed something blue. While it is about the inclusion of item