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The “lady” has new shoes …

Margo and her shoes – no question about it, Margo really does like her shoes and with her handbags to match she has put together quite the collection of fashion accessories. Now fully ensconced in our new Windsor home, we are still working on just how best to store them both as our walk-in wardrobe lacks adequate display space for her growing collection. On our recent “bizcation” aboard Star Princess, Margo had plenty of opportunity to wander the decks, all decked-out herself!  On a more somber occasion, a few years back, when we both attended a memorial service for my father down in Sydney, it was only “the nieces” that picked up on the shoes Margo wore for the occasion and all I can recall is them forming an entirely new opinion about their auntie! But in our family, it is shoes of a different type that frequently generate the same level of excitement and enthusiasm. And 2017 proved to be a year when we spent more on these different types of shoes than Margo budgets for in any

Oh, restless spirit …

January is always a time to reevaluate priorities and to put into place plans for the coming year. When it comes to the business of Pyalla Technologies, LLC, we are both fully engaged now with Margo working hard to establish her latest venture, the monthly digital publication, NonStop Insider. As a result of working the way we do, we are discovering just how flexible we can be with our time; yes, we can work at any time, almost anywhere and this month we put this into practice. Call them BizCations, as we are want to do, but the bottom line remains the same - we fill our waking hours with work even as the scenery keeps on changing and for that, we have no complaints! As for our plans, it all happened rather quickly. The need to meet with clients in Los Angeles mid-January and then late-January left two weeks of “calendar free space” and, with no appointments we decided to, once again, take to the seas and see how well we could work far from shore. We had done it once before, but on