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It’s the waiting …

March came with the promise of warmer weather, but in the end, it didn’t deliver. It was a very busy time at work and there were few opportunities to look too far ahead, but we did find time all the same to plan a couple of business trips that we felt we could do by car. Most likely the Jeep SRT, of course, as at this time of year who knows what Mother Nature might throw at us next. Our home is for sale but it will take much warmer weather, I suspect, before the crowds flock to check out the house, but our fingers are well and truly crossed on this occasion. If there’s one quote that regularly comes to mind at this time of year, however, it’s the line by Steve McQueen from the 1971 movie, Le Mans. “When you’re racing, it... it’s life. Anything that happens before or after... is just waiting,” and it pretty much sums up what the end of winter means for Margo and me. For someone who likes cars, but is not a racer, it’s still all about waiting. Watching Le Mans should be le