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Sorting out what to keep and what to trade …

When did the mighty BMW M4 become a grand tourer and when did the even more magnificent BMW i8 become a supercar? Given how the i8 stole the show in the Mission Impossible movie when Tom Cruise’s character said “wait till you see the car!” It was his only comment as he unloaded munitions and transportation from an air transport plane. On the other hand, trying to squeeze each and every car into a recognizable category these days when crossovers cover so much territory is becoming next to impossible. Do we really need cars like the BMW X6 M or the even rounder and more unsightly Mercedes Benz GLC Coupe? The world of cars has gone mad, I tell you. With snow falling here in Windsor, Colorado, (as unexpected as it is these days given how it still is winter) it’s time, once again, to explore the topic of which five cars to keep. Well, at least for the next year or so and it is timely as once again, Margo and I find we have five cars in the garage, storage and on the driveway. Spread