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Tails of Dragons, Plates of Gumbo and Streets of Bourbon

Like-thinking people tend to flock together, forming clubs and associations. In the past we have been involved with computer user groups and served on their boards as volunteers. We have chaired Program committees, and Richard led Regional User Groups’ (RUGs) development programs while I chaired the Finance Committee. Yes, there is a pattern here … RUGs development involved travelling around the world and a lot of socializing, while the Finance Committee job involved a lot of lengthy spreadsheets and analysis of revenues and expenses. I see it as fluff and stuff, and I am sticking with this view. We have also been members of car clubs – again what took us there was a passion for a particular vehicle and an opportunity to spend time with like-minded people. For many of us, and for various reasons, we join associations and therefore there is the huge business of association management, and the professionals managing associations have their own association, ASAE – the American Soci

Mid-Summer Madness!

July began with frequent trips to Corvette Spa as Curt gradually brought the broken Corvette back to life. After stripping the rear end back to the frame, the damage I had caused from backing into the wall at Infineon race track proved superficial. From my perspective, hovering over Curt’s shoulder, it was ample proof, once again, that in choosing the C5 Z06 Corvette as our track car, we had opted for a “package” that was less costly to maintain. Pictured above is the Vette, mufflers dangling beneath the bodywork, as the last of the fillers are sandpapered smooth prior to a new coating of “Torch Red” paint being applied. The C6 Z51 Coupe, supercharged and all, had provided many memorable moments but it had also seriously damaged the family savings. Would our good fortune hold up for the entire month? Would July deliver on the promise of summer and delight us all, or would it see return visits to Corvette Spa? Perhaps more worrisome still was that as I looked at the calendar,