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Springtime and it’s time! Did someone say road-trip?

  The morning day before departure; Highland Meadows golf course, Windsor CO After experiencing about as much altered normalcy as we could take it was time to hit the road. Right now, we are enjoying all the springtime has to offer and being on a golf course, there is plenty to see but it’s time to take in a much bigger vista. For the longest time we have been living with the global pandemic, but here in northern Colorado there was never a real lockdown. Throughout the past year, we could always drive out for gas, food, coffee and a hamburger. Restrictions were in place for some businesses but essentially we were spared the discomfort that many living in big cities experienced. But yes, time to fill the gas tank, grab the maps (yes we still like to have paper maps on hand), load the bags and lock up the house. A business opportunity opened up that would see us making the trek all the way down to the south east as our destination was Florida. Both sides of Florida, that is, as we wer