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Winter sunshine – we almost forgot where to find it!

Waking to falling snow isn’t anything to get excited about, unless you are 3 years old or went on a skiing vacation. This year, it hasn’t just been about the snow but the long periods of sub-freezing temperatures we have had to endure. Looking out the back window at the pool and spa and knowing several more months had to pass before we could consider returning it to use was somewhat depressing. Wouldn’t it be nice to experience warmer weather again! But then again, making a home for ourselves in the village of Niwot wasn’t accidental and having the opportunity to truly experience all four seasons went a long way to ease the angst we felt as the mercury failed to climb beyond freezing. Perhaps it is the weekly routine of taking the garbage  bins down the drive to ready them for collection very early the following morning. Or perhaps it is the daily routine of going to the local gym and trying hard not to slip on the pavement as we cross the car park. Maybe too it is the gloomy a