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100 posts and still counting …

In case you missed it, a quick check of the label Buckle-Up, to the right of this post (you will need to scroll down just a tad to see it), reveals that the count of posts published on this blog has reached 100. For a blog that has seen numerous changes in its primary focus, passing the 100 posts is still a significant milestone and one that doesn’t need to wait another couple of weeks before being published during the first week of May. The really cool thing about being the writer and publisher of a blog is that I can pretty much set whatever deadlines I like and this is exactly what I have doing since the first post, all the way back in May of 2008. A mid-month post therefore shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of my readers. However, looking back at all the posts, this blog has been about the journey and rarely the destination – at times the locations and events may have looked routine while at other times it all looked a lot more glamorous. But we have never stayed in one pl

Yes, it’s the gypsy in me!

There’s no letup in the passion Margo and I share for cars and the open road. Any opportunity at all to set aside the tools of daily life and head down our driveway to connect with the rest of the world and we both jump at every opportunity on a moment’s notice. March, as is usual for us over the past couple of years, proved to be no exception and in fact, really was a continuation of February as the boundaries between months didn’t mean that we had to abandon a trip. Quite the contrary, no sooner had we pulled back up the driveway as February ended than we were packing up and preparing to leave. Itineraries have always been subject to change. Our plans have had an element of fluidity to them for as long as Margo and I have been together. A planned trip to California or to Nevada can be aborted as we fly to Italy or Singapore – a circumstance that has happened more times than we care to recall. But it’s all been good clean fun and we have never regretted any changes that eventuat