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One era ends as others begin ...

There aren’t too many occasions when photos of our Boulder home are depicted under cloudy skies but this time, it seems more than appropriate. After spending seventeen years “in residence” in the village of Niwot, Boulder County, the deed has been done. We closed on the sale of the only home Margo and I have known in all the years we have been married. Talk about sentimental – we hardly pass a day without some second thoughts about moving out, but the times have changed since we first moved into our home and selling our home just had to be done. A chapter in our lives has come to an end, as our good friends have reminded us more than once. All the same, it will be tough to write about this when we leave that final time and head to a house that will become our new home. For the next three months we will be simply tenants in our former home, charged with the responsibility of making sure nothing happens before the new owners move in, sometime mid-June. We will have made our depar