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Detours, roadblocks and greetings from the West.

The view from our hotel balcony was spectacular. We had just arrived at the Las Vegas Cosmopolitan, part of the Marriott chain of hotels, and were pleased to be given a suite on the fifty-first floor. It had a balcony with outdoor seating no less. As I said to Margo, we could live like this! Perhaps not; then again, maybe the Vegas strip might be a good alternative to winters in Colorado. This proved to be one of the highlights of our excursion to Las Vegas as it came down to business; all-business with few opportunities to step back and unwind. The occasion was the annual HPE conference, the big tent-marketing event that HPE branded as HPE Discover 2022. Margo and I were representing a client and with that came the responsibility of holding down a speaker’s spot on the agenda. Reminiscent of the many street-corner evangelists or up-and-coming politicians you run across in big cities these days, I was to give my presentation within a small theaterette that faced not just a busy corri