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The year that was … new beginnings and other great adventures!

We had been dreaming of a white Christmas, and yes, just the day before Christmas, the skies grew gray and then down it came. It snowed all night so when we awoke Christmas Eve, there it was! Indeed, “The snow lay round about, deep and crisp and even.” Packing the Jeep with food and gifts for a Christmas Eve celebration at our grandkids’ house was a first for us at our new place in Windsor as this was the very first time we were carrying items out of the house and to the Jeep! Yes, a pleasant change from all the months were it had become a case of moving items from the Jeep into the house.  The Jeep has taken a beating over the last year as the workhorse for all that the move entailed. First it was moving precious belongings to a storage facility and then moving them out of storage and to the new house. And then it was piled high with cardboard cartoons as it ferried material back and forth between the house and the local recycling center. Finally, it became the go-to vehicle t