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Retreat, repair, rebuild, restore …

Retreating was all that came to mind when December 2016 finally made way for January 2017. Having spent a Christmas Eve with our daughter, Anna, and her husband and three children, it was so quiet to withdraw into the sanctuary of our own home to celebrate the New Year in a manner that shouldn’t surprise anyone. Yes, pop the cork on the champagne and throw a couple of lobsters over some pasta – nothing better! And of course, if you take a good look at the photo above you will notice the presence of the martini shaker, as naturally, this was a multi-course evening with all the trimmings.  A far cry from the rumbustiousness of only a few nights prior and arguably, after a tenuous year, a lot more enjoyable! December had proved to be a trying time for Margo and me and enjoying our quiet retreat on New Year’s Eve was symbolic in many ways of all that transpired that month. Snatching a few moments for just us has been getting a lot harder to do! Whether it’s issues on the home front o