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Travel took us down different paths – but can you take a supercar on a roadtrip?

There is no hiding from the beauty of spring. At this time of the year, with summer fast approaching, the richness of the colors that adorn every bush and tree remind you of why you elect to live in a place that has seasons. Boulder, Colorado, delivers once again! More noticeable this year has been the growth that has occurred – the once highly-visible entrance to our home can now be only glimpsed through trees that have grown as tall as the roof line. We have had our home on the market for three years and while there were a number of viewings with the occasional expression of interest, including one offer that was subject to so many contingencies that it was more or less a wish rather than a reality, nothing has materialized. With red hot housing markets all around us, it has us wondering what did we do that was so wrong. The village of Niwot is much loved and the estate homes for sale all showcase with considerable glamor but for them too, no takers! Then again, being given a