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Roads less travelled …

As predicted in the last post, this month saw Margo and me on the road again. Work we left unfinished back in January still awaited us, and this necessitated a return trip to the Bay and to Silicon Valley. While those we met were clearly over their colds we unfortunately managed to fall victims to yet a second strain of flu – our previous illness had clearly started with us both catching a cold, but this time, running a fever and exhibiting a couple of other symptoms, it was definitely a case of the flu and more than likely, one of the bad Sydney strains that had worked its way to the US via the UK, we were to later find out. Being under the weather as we were hasn’t dampened our enthusiasm for jumping back into the SUV having put together a two week business-focused program. Not for one minute did we regret it as we get a kick out of winter driving despite the challenges the highways present at this time of year. Our journey would take us to the Bay before turning southeast for