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Did someone say “Road Trip?”

After a very peaceful time at home in Windsor, Colorado, it was time to pack the company command center and hit the road to our first business event of the year utilizing the RV. As much as we do not like it we have flown to previous events as they were held in Europe … it was just too far to drive! This roadtrip would begin with a stop in Las Vegas for HPE’s big tent marketing event - HPE Discover 2019. Once again, I had been invited to be a guest of HPE and to be a part of the HPE Influencer program which, thankfully, means Margo and I will have a nice hotel room so there will be no overnight stays in the RV during these sunny Las Vegas days. If you have been following this blog through the years you will understand that while we really enjoy taking the RV on business trips, Las Vegas isn’t a place where we like to camp-out as temperatures are well and truly always in the very hot range, with rarely a day under 100F. On the other hand, this would be a prelude to a long weekend