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An anniversary that has come around all too quickly

I still have to pinch myself that my working life is far from over. The time that I descend to my office and sit in front of a blank screen contemplating what I need to write next is always a source of concern. However, whatever the topic I still find ways to write something sufficiently fresh, enough that my clients welcome the story telling that comes with each finished article or blog post. In so doing, I have been able to attract an eclectic group of clients that then gives me the opportunity to push boundaries just a little. For now, however, what is occupying my thoughts has to do with coming to terms that I have based Margo and mine business mostly on storytelling and have been doing so for quite some time. Yes, I also help my clients create a strategy (and tactics) as needed, when asked we create data sheets and even modernize websites, but at the heart of our business is storytelling as we come up with creative ways to promote our clients business. As September comes to an